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Is there a restriction for media upload?

Yes. We want to ensure that all media are possible to use them also in print media. Therefore we have a technical restriction and a moderation of the media. All pictures have to be at least 900x900 pixels. There is no minimum file size, since we prefer the originals.

There is also a kind of moderation, where the best medias are highlighted and shown preferential on the page. This is mainly to ensure the media's quality and to forestall pure copies.


How can I submit a media to a contest?

First you have to upload the media. Afterwards you can see your media and you can submit it to the contest using the "Add to contest" link on the right panel.


What are the media there fore?

Youthmedia is not only a page for discussions and contests. It is a platform for young journalists to exchange media. Every uploaded media is governed by one of the Creative Commons licenses, especially for the free use in youth media.


How can I create a new group?

New Subgroups can only be created by the group owners. If you think there is a group missing and you have an interest in taking care for it, ask the group owner or the team

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stels_1992 (said over 6 years ago)

Thank you very much :)


jona (said over 6 years ago)

Dear Stels,

the submissions should be either French or English.

Best wishes


stels_1992 (said over 6 years ago)

I am going to write about Freedom of the Press 2011. I am from Bulgaria and I want to ask what should be the language in which to write Bulgarian or English? :)


narinedaneghyan (said over 7 years ago)

hello, i have a problem in uploading a photo, please tell me how to send it. The size of the phto is 900x900 pixels. Can i send that photo by e mail?


jona (said almost 8 years ago ago)

Hey Lefteris, we are just starting groups and will come up with country groups next week. Inside a group you can create new Topics, the Group Admins can create new forums for overall topics. What do you need?


Lefteris (said almost 8 years ago ago)

Hello, is it possible to start a new conversation, or group/subgroup? And if yes how?


nanagyamfi (said almost 8 years ago ago)

I ma nanagyamfi from Accra Ghana


nanagyamfi (said almost 8 years ago ago)

Hi, how can i own a chapter of youthmedia in Ghana? I need more info about your association and mode of operations, goals and objectives to start Ghana Chapter.


jona (said about 8 years ago)

Please write an e-mail to and we'll change it.


Luciano (said about 8 years ago)


how can I change the email where I receive notifications from youthmedia?

could not find it in the settings panels...


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