About us

Youthmedia is the largest non-profit organization which creates an on-line based community for young journalists across Europe. We are present in more than 25 European countries and we count about 21.000 users.

What is our Mission?

Young journalists are the future for the European media and only by building the present we guarantee the future. We are here to establish sustainable relationships among youth media community and to help the young media enthusiasts to develop their potential.

Through Youthmedia.eu and its national platforms, our social on-line platform, we connect at the local, national and European level. We interact, share ideas and media content with each other. We listen and talk; we learn and educate; we discuss and implement. Our aim is to bring together young media makers, educational institutions, media and publishers, NGOs and also the private sector representatives in order to support youth media in European countries.


What are our activities?

We provide high standard platforms to connect real life activities of young journalists and youth media organizations with the online community world. As good examples of those point efforts can serve Youthmedia.eu (European Youth Press), Jugendmedien.de (Jugendpresse Deutschland) or Ungbild.se (Ung Media Sverige).

The users also get the equal chance to take part in contests, seminars, conferences on the European level, as well as interact with a multicultural group of professionals on a daily basis.

Everyone has equal chances to prove his/her talent and to gain valuable benefits. Combination of the international experience, contacts and knowledge increases the capability and impact of youth media in Europe and provides young media makers with unique opportunities for their future career.

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