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Youthmedia is a platform for young journalists to exchange media under the Creative Common Licenses. is part of the Youthmedia Network.

European Youth Press
Member of Youthmedia e.V.
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Use of the Youthmedia content is subject to our Terms of Service; all pictures made available are directly linked to the users' pages.



Some Icons are based on the siplicio iconset by neurovit (CC-Licence BY-SA).



Youthmedia (including all partner sites) does not exercise control over the content uploaded by the users or the content transmitted via it (e.g. personal messages). The users are solely responsible for the accuracy, safety and intellectual property rights of the content they upload and transmit. If you think that your intellectual property rights have been violated, please contact us.
Youthmedia is not responsible for any third party content that appears on the Youthphotos site (e.g. Googlemaps) or that Youthphotos site links to. Access to and use of Youthmedia implies acceptance of our Terms of Service.

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jona (said over 5 years ago)

Just send me an email to
Best wishes


rumañola (said over 5 years ago)

Hi I would like who I should talk to for thecnical problems in my personal profile settings.I am triying to change some data and it is not saving any change and is appearing only the old version of my personal profile. Could someone give me a hand here?
Thanks a lot


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