Specifications for Freedom of the Press Contest

Posted at 20. July, 08:53 Uhr by oanadinca with 6 comments

As you know, the contest will soon reach its deadline on August 1st. Hurry up and upload your entries!

Specifications :
Audio: max length - 5min, format : MP3
Video: max length - 10 min, format: AVI, Quicktime, 3GPP, WMV, MP4, FLV or MPEG

Print: max length - 1200 words

The Official Languages for the Award are French and English, all entries must be in either French or English






Andreea_Vasile (said over 5 years ago)

hello! when will the results be made public?


Gavrilov (said over 5 years ago)

oops. I've just found out about this article lenght limitation to 1200 words. Umm. Mine has 2434 words. Is there any way I could cut it now? Or I"m automatically out of the game which would be a shame concerning the quality of my article? :(


Andreea_Vasile (said over 5 years ago)

great! thank you for the info. who's in the jury?


oanadinca (said over 5 years ago)

The jury has now until 4th of September to give us the final decision. Thank you all for applying, we'll keep you posted. Make sure you're following our FB page!


Andreea_Vasile (said over 5 years ago)

when will the results be known?


tamarb (said over 5 years ago)

Sorry, Me again... I've noticed that the last word of my interview is cut, I've checked and I did not edit it by error so... help!