Transeuropa Journalism Award "From A to B"

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European Alternatives, Youth Press Italia, and Youth Media are pleased to announce winners for the Transeuropa Journalism Award "From A to B".

Photo: 'Romersk glad flicka'
Winner of the Transeuropa Journalism Award 2010 (photo section)

Participants of the Award, part of the Transeuropa Festival, first festival organized simultaneously in four European cities, Bologna, Cluy, Londra e Parigi, have been called to focus on the issue of mobility.

The winners of the Award, divided in three section, text, photo, audio/video, are:

Photo section: Hanna Svantesson (photo 1, photo 2)

Series of photographs Rom Children has received the Transeuropa Journalism Award 2010 for the intense portraits of the Rom children shot near Oradea, in West Romania. The preferences has been made considering the quality of the images and the sensitiveness towards a minority people, whose communities are all over Europe, that is still waiting for recognition of rights. Mobility and solidarity issue are here well expressed by faces of children, crying and smiling at the same time. 

Text section: Marco Riciputi

The article Europa 2009 D.C. has been awarded for its original perspective on the issue mobility: a van around southern Europe and two underground cartoonist to face European stereotypes and to discovers small pieces of Europe. The article is clear and well written. It is been published by Café Babel. European journalism, whose Marco Riciputi has being a representatives for years, is still waiting to be fully recognized by national countries. Pop culture, news storytelling, and small pieces of Europe are attractive and important ways to highlight the need of Europe we have.

Video section: Valentina Cala

The short movie “This is Europe” has been awarded for the good balance between quality and lo-fi production. With a hand camera and the story of people interviewed, Valentina Calà has well resumed what does it mean the European Volunteer Service, one of the first project to be developed to improve mobility and meeting among youngsters all over Europe. Also, the rhythm and the editing of the short movie helps making the viewer interested on the topic and to deepen it in a personal and fresh way.

Special Mention:  Andrea Scarfo

The jury had decided to give a special mention to the photojournalist Andrea Scarfò for the brilliant connection in series of photos between the issue of mobility and the "deportation" of immigrants in Rosarno (Italy). (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3)

The three winners of the Award had been invited to Bologna from May 7 to May 9 to cover the Bologna Homeless Tour.

The communication of Award winners on has been delayed for reasons due to the Festival arrangement.




vanteson (said about 7 years ago)

@ GAD: quote: That's all. And, well, also from me, sincere congratulations to the winners, above all the photos are extraordinary!

THAT IS NOT how it sounded in your discussion at my picture! If you congratulate me, can you the PLEASE stop bugging me!?


Gad.1 (said about 7 years ago)

Thanks Tamarb for the advice, it's true, I was "too passionate" in my post, but it makes "sick and tired" to agree with such a behaviour. You, Tamarb, perfectly know that if nobody claims we just go on thinking that everything is allright, we are all good friends and we love eachother...I go on hoping things like that, but as soon as I take part to a competition and the organisers say "well, we are a bottom-up structure, we are volunteers, how could we announce the winners transparently?", I want to express my disappointment. That's all. And, well, also from me, sincere congratulations to the winners, above all the photos are extraordinary!


niels (said about 7 years ago)

@tamarb: the structure of Youthmedia is very flat. there is no real hierachy involved. the board only cares for things which have to be decided by the board, based on legal issues. but the daily work is done by a handful of mediamakers interested into the project. and when I say "handful" I mean it!
If we would get a request to host a contest on Youthmedia and there is someone taking care of it, we would offer our resources. That's part of the philosophy behind Youthmedia. Youthmedia is more about bottom-up than top-down. From my point of view, there is not provocation behind writing that everybody can join. But I understood what you mean! We should change our communication in this way.
And also from myself: Gratulation to all winners!


tamarb (said about 7 years ago)

@blackbeat and Gad.1 : Chill out people ! We all know it's stressful to wait and even if I agree w/ you on most of the things, we all also know how stressful it's to manage an event and have a busy agenda. Moreover, what we feel is often not the real motivations behind an act so I don't think Youthmedia team did it on purpose cause they don't care about the users or something like that. As Niels wrote : let's them learn from their mistakes and expressing our feelings is a good way to "teach" them but interpreting their motives can only lead to misunderstanding !
@niels : I'm sorry to set, once again, the cat among the pigeons, but basically the reason behind the late announcement was "we're late cause we were too busy", maybe people don't take it for a good reason cause being busy it's part of the job. I'm certainly not the best person to give advices cause I'm always overwhelmed by events but Youthmedia has a team of persons in charge all over Europe, a board,etc. so why don't it give some real assignments to each of them during an important event, contest? Suggesting that users or non users could organize a contest is a lil bit provocative, don't you think ? There is a hierachy in every organization : members of the board do administration stuff and other "boards stuff", the people in charge take care of the platform and everything to make it living and interesting (e.g. contests), and users participate by posting their works, complaining, giving ideas or advices... Everyone has chosen to participate till a certain point to the Youthmedia adventure so it's up to everyone to do the best they can. Anyway, you have my (moral) supports and thanks to give this kind of opportunity (travelling, meeting people,etc) to some of us...
@daria_eagle : totally agree w/ u : congrats to the four winners.
And now, I stop polluting the wall !


niels (said about 7 years ago)

@Gad.1 and backbeat: Thanks for your feedback!

I understand you anger and I don't like the situation as well. I totally respect all users of the platform and care for every problem which occurs. We made a mistake, we realized that we made one and wrote the reason into the announcement. We are sorry for this mistake.

Running the platform and arranging everything around isn't a job you want to get paid for. It's a project where you need passion and patience. If you start caring for the financial part too much, you aren't facing the project anymore. Youth in Action founded a meeting of 20 volunteer Youthmedia makers in Europe in the last year for us. That's all.

We learned from our mistake and will make the judgement and announcement faster in the next contest. And we also invite all users and non-users to organize an interesting contest and arrange everything around it.



Gad.1 (said about 7 years ago)

...and Niels, it has no sense saying that it's a volunteer project: if you are not able to respect people and to arrange a good planning, it's better to do something else in your life, or? Youth in Action is funded also by the European Commission, ask them to pay for your job, if they don't do that already. Try to understand that the worst thing to do is being uncorrect with enthusiastic and passionate people, profiting of their souls. C'mon!


Gad.1 (said about 7 years ago)

a real farce, I agree


niels (said about 7 years ago)

hello backbeat. the youthmedia project is a free and volunteer project. every element of it is managed by young people trying to do the best. depending on the normal life, somethings can take longer than expected.If you like you are very welcome to join the team in the area of contests and contest-concepts.


backbeat (said about 7 years ago)

congratulations: you inform us about who won five days after the prize-giving. Absurd. I won't lose time anymore in participating to this kind of farce.


daria_eagle (said about 7 years ago)

Congrats to you all guys! ;) x


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